Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Morning Peeves

a) Having flat hair.
b) Saying stupid things on the air. For example - "It's going to be partly cloudy today, so we may see a few clouds." Duh.
c) Friends who are having a difficult time, so they alienate the people that care about them.
d) No longer having a mailbox at work, so I miss VITAL information.
e) People who make long term commitments and then scramble to cover their existing obligations.
f) Weak coffee.
g) Making a new pot of coffee and it's too strong.

(I'm like fucking Goldilocks over here.)

h) CONSTANTLY worrying about my milk supply.
i) Being afraid of sounding like an Earth Mother when I tell people I'm making my own baby food and that I prefer to buy Organic produce.

(Don't worry - my mother gives him fried chicken and my dad gives him chocolate and my sister in law gives him ice cream... so he's good)

k) Swine flu.
l) Moving laterally through my career(s).
m) The term "stimulus package" being overused by Advertisers and "economical climate" being overused by the media.
n) Over modulation.
o) Not watching The Hills or American Idol, yet still knowing who Speidi and Lil Rounds are.
p) Kate Gosselin.
q) Feeling like I'm not as smart as I used to be.
r) Husbands apparent refusal to properly pronounce "spondylolisthesis".
s) Being terrified of Husbands back surgery.
t) Worrying about the number of times Wee One has bonked his head. Hard.
u) Huey Lewis, Rod Stewart and Eddie Money (or, as I like to affectionately refer to them: Huey, Stewie and Money)
v) People who criticize my parenting when they weren't involved with their own children OR have admittedly made some errors in the way THEIR children turned out (or should admit anyway)
w) Getting halfway through my Peeves list and discovering that I have to go to 'Z' because the OCD voices in my head told me they would taunt me all day if I didn't.
x) Justin Ryan from Fox 2 Detroit.
y) Falling asleep sitting up. For hours.
z) Finally posting on my blog and it turns out to be a bitch session, even though I'm actually in a relatively good mood.

So, I've got about an hour left here at Wimmie and then I'm going to go home, feed the Wee One and then we'll take a family trip to my sisters soccer game. Maybe later we'll hit my mom's and see if we can get my brother to cut my grass. Oh yeah, he moved to Flint with the mother of his children last week, but he's back now. I guess it didn't work out.

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