Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Ways To Put Off Important Stuff

Oh crap! I just figured out I can post from my phone. I thought I had an addiction to checking all of my online accounts before, but this might be bordering on 'out of control'. Husband and I got new phones the other day (insert shameless Samsung Instinct plug here), they count as our Mothers and Fathers Day gifts (thank you Wee One!) and now I am more compulsive than ever. Ah shit. I may need an intervention. But let me just check MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Gmail just one more time first ...


La Fleur Balkanique said...

Oy, story of my life.

I'm The Procrastinator (heh, I'm imagining this being pronounced Schwarzenegger-style), and I just hate it, but then I'm all 'meh' about it.

Not all the time, granted, but at work? A job I dislike and which shits me to tears? Well, damn STRAIGHT I procrastinate! Not when something needs to be done urgently, natch, but if I've got things pending that need to be done within a few days, I leave them to almost the last minute. It was my strategy during uni and not much has changed, evidently.

Oh, and I'm all about checking my Facebook and fave blogs as a way of 'rewarding' myself for doing one measly smidgen of work. 'Cept of course this means they're always open and I just flip between windows every 15mins or so.

I'd feel guilty and all, but...see above re. lame-ass job. :P

P.S. Like your blog, by the way, and found it via a comment you made on Dooce's kick-ass blog (and I only discovered Her Dooceness existed about a month ago...I KNOW!).

La Fleur Balkanique said...

Hey hey! :D

I've responded to your comment on my blog, and also added you to my blogroll - thank you for adding ME, my goodness! I don't think anyone has ever added me...sniff! :)

Look forward to mutual readings!!