Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I swear to Pete. If you're going to be against Obama, could you please come up with something more creative than "he's got ties to terrorism"? I mean, seriously. I won't judge Grandpa McCain for his inability to use e-mail, you stop with your "terrorist" shit. Get pissy about something relative... like his stand on abortion... or his feelings about drilling for oil in these here United States... or, hey, I would even prefer it if you just said "I don't want a black President", at least those things are true. Snopes, people... use it.

Further, as if the City of Detroit needed to make one more move to prove how fucking retarded they are. Kwame is out on Thursday (whoo-hoo!) and the City Council President, Kenneth Cockrel, Jr. is to step in on Friday. The remaining City Council members had a special meeting today to decide whether to hold a Special Mayoral Election or not in May 2009. Here are the facts... If there is a Special Election, then Cockrel will have to campaign for the spot through May (while acting as Mayor in the interim). If there is no Special Election, then Cockrel keeps the position and has to campaign for the next regular Election, in November 2009. The Special Election will cost three million dollars. CDD voted IN FAVOR OF a Special Election. That's right.. they are willing to spend THREE MILLION DOLLARS on SIX months of Mayor. That's just over $16,500.00 per day. Can we step back for twelve seconds and reflect upon the fact that part of the reason Kwame is out comes down to him spending nine million City dollars to cover up a wrongful termination? Nice D-Town. Nice job, indeed. Hey, listen... if you could have a shit ton of meetings about how to have less meetings, you might be more respected.

And to some of you morons in Texas: I saw you holding your ground, waving your flags, staring Ike in the eye, prepared to defend your homes against the wrath of wind and rain and, guess what? IKE WASN'T A TERRORIST! STAYING HOME WAS NOT AN ACT OF PATRIOTISM! AND NOW YOU HAD TO BE RESCUED! And what did we learn? Oh, yeah, mandatory evacuations should not be taken lightly!! At least you'll have a story to sell. Awesome.

Baby Update: The Lord of the Dance on My Bladder is not here yet. Not going to work tomorrow. Nothings wrong. Nothings happening. Have no fear. Just taking the day off.

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