Friday, September 5, 2008

Hello Weekend!!

So, as I sit here trying to print return address labels for Thank You Cards that should have gone out WEEKS ago, with a bum ink cartridge, I am pondering a few things.

Kwame - Goodbye fucker!!
Obama - How you doin? ;)
Palin - Really? Pro-lifers are commending you for NOT aborting your son with Down Syndrome? How kind of you.
Weekend - HI! I really hope we can accomplish a few things together. Probably I oughta pack a bag or something. Maybe get around to cleaning up the calcified cat vomit and, hey, if we're really feeling froggy, maybe we can take the vacuum for a spin through the tumbleweeds of fur running rampant in my living room, eh?
Fall - Welcome friend. You smell lovely. I'll see you at the Cider Mill. I'll be the one toting the Teeny Edamame in a blue bundle. Just give me a few weeks.
Childbirth - This is going to hurt isn't it? Ah, fuck. Sigh.
Parenthood - More painful than childbirth? I'm guessing so...
Internet - Soon, my dear, we may have to take a brief hiatus. I'll miss you. Stay tuned.
Friends - So, can any of you cook? Because, seriously, I don't know if I've explained to you how awful Husband's cooking truly is (he's great on the Grill, but don't let him try to get creative) and I may need to eat. I've cleaned out my freezer for you... you do the math...

I'm determined to finish these cards TONIGHT!

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