Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kali and Kwame

I am all for California's Supreme Court ruling today. I think it's terrific that the highest court in that state chooses to support Gay Marriage. It makes me wish I was gay. And living in California. I don't like avocado though...

On another newsworthy note, Kwame has decided to implement a privacy policy regarding text messages sent or received on City-owned devices. Oh thank Jesus!! I was beginning to think that big brother had taken away my constitutional right to fire someone and then lie about it! I almost believed there was no more room for having a sexual affair while in office! I nearly hyperventilated at the remote possibility that I would have to resort back to ACTUAL phone sex and Googling porn for my jollies! Whew, that was a close one. I'm wondering how many other "policies" he'll put into place to cover his own ass in the future... so many to choose from. You see, this is probably the first instance of the Kraziness that's Kwame's administration to make national news. What you may not realize is that he has been found to have been abusing his power all along: His wife's primary source of transportation was a vehicle that the City was paying the lease on; His "bodyguards" are all guys he grew up with; He has taken numerous vacations on the City's dime; He awarded millions of dollars in City contracts to one single person without any apparent regard for the bidding process; He physically assaults one particular reporter whenever he can and oh, yes, the grand finale was the Sext Scandal... but the truth is, he isn't in trouble for kinky T9, he's in trouble for spending millions of City dollars to settle a wrongful termination suit that was, as proved by his texts, a wrongful termination. And then he essentially lied to City Council about it. So, for all of you who want the media to "Leave Kwame ALONE" and think he's allowed to have sex with whomever, whenever by any electronic means he wishes, please take a few moments out of your day to Google the news stories that DIDN'T make national headlines. And for the people of the City of Detroit who still think he's the best Mayor ever, I can only presume he's texting you too.

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KK said...

and if you you were living in california, running for office, on the platform of a "gay-rights, anti-avocado" candidate, you would have my vote.
viva la bandwagon!