Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Road Trip Quandary

I have a dilemma. It involves my favorite Band, my favorite Husband, my favorite Friend, my favorite Unborn Son and a trip to one of my favorite States. It goes like this:

Last year I had the Orgasmic experience of seeing my favorite Band at a Minor League Ballpark about two and a half hours from where I live. Because of the cost of the tickets and the cost of the room we had for the night, Husband and I called it "His Birthday Present". Never mind it's MY favorite band and never mind that it just happened to coincide with his birthday weekend, he was gracious enough to accept it as his gift... The Orgasmic part was "general-admission-standing-near-the-stage-once-I-navigated-my-bountiful-bottom-through-the-crowd-of-barely-legal-hotties". It was the best time ever. We both enjoyed the concert so much (he really is a fan in his own right). It was the closest I've ever been and I think Ed may have even noticed when I mouthed "You Complete Me" (complete with air drawn heart). We had a terrific time and vowed if they ever played that venue again, we would go. Well, I got an e-mail from the fan club (yeah, I still pay my dues, what's it to you?) telling me tickets were available for advance purchase this coming weekend to see them in a smaller-than-your-average-outdoor-theater-but-not-quite-as-small-as-last-years venue on July 24 about an hour from my house. When I jumped over to their site to see if they were playing at the Ballpark again, I discovered they are not, but they are scheduled for a FREE show in Hammond, Indiana on July 18. Hmmmm, can I fit them both in?? Should I consider just the FREE show since, um, my Mortgage payment is going up $200 that same week????? And then, it all came dawning on me: The Baby Shower ("TBS") is July 20. Favorite Friend Kateaken is coming in for it on July 16-July 23. Most of July 19 would be spent preparing for it. Do I wait until after TBS and go on the 24th? Or, do I propose a Road Trip? The last time Kateaken and I took a Road Trip of any distance beyond Pine Knob was to Caseville...wowzer, how freaking long ago was that???? Herein lies my quandary:
1) Husband must come too;
2) Kateaken may be bringing Aken-fam;
3) The return leg of Road Trip would have to happen early Saturday morning so as not to piss off CJX, who will, no doubt, be in no mood to hear of our Fantastic Voyage as she will be in "Eleventh Hour Planning Mode" (which equated to Bride-fucking-zilla the day before her own wedding -- EEK!!);
4) We'd still have to get a room in Hammond, add to that the cost of gas, and the Road Trip will undoubtedly cost more than the two tickets to the show that's close enough to get me, Husband and Lord of the Dance on My Bladder into our own bed for the night;
5) Kateaken and I haven't been to a concert together since that GOD-AWFUL Holiday Hoot-Nanny in 1998 (we were so far from the stage, we had a convo at "inside voice decibel level" and then left... we didn't even stay for Barenaked Ladies - I think we ended up at Denny's instead);
6) I want to pack as much BFF time in as possible while she's here and this would be an awesome trip.
7) Given the date of the shows, I might, once again, have to convince Husband this is what he wants for his birthday...

And, for the record, no, I don't have any fears of taking a Road Trip pregnant. Music has always been in the top five "Things I Deem Important In My Life" and I wish to impart this to my son. He's currently getting a lesson on the Beatles Blue Album and, frequently, I take him to bars to hear my Dad's band - Fuck classical music, the Beatles are more important to modern society than Beethoven. Next, I'm going to teach him to 'Just Say No' while we listen to The Doors Greatest Hits.

Sigh. I do believe it's likely that my "Responsible Mortgage Paying Adult Self" will overrule my "But I Wanna " self. Pfft...Adulthood...WTF?


KK said...

according to mapquest, hammond is only 4 hours away..............


Lisa said...

Sounds like a vote to me...