Saturday, August 9, 2008


Bernie Mac died ... sad.
My Grandma doesn't understand the concept of snopes ... irritating.
Slept on the couch last night, in my jeans ... uncomfortable.
Our Dunkin Donuts pissed me off last week ... boycotting.
The new M.I.A. song is fucking awful ... disturbed.

Yes, these things are what plague my mind today. Oh sure, I could focus on the laundry, cleaning, shopping, starting on stuff I brought home from work or helping Husband finish The Room, but why? When other such monumental crises exist?

I guess it's better than stressing about money, mortgages, job security and maintaining relationships ... I'll save those for Tuesday.

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tata said...

I *finally* managed to get my mom to check snopes before sending me those annoying and inaccurate email forwards. Good luck with Gramma.