Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday - Part Four ... er, Sunday?

Sunday brought with it a chilly day filled with a ton of closure on The Room. Baseboards in! Mini blinds up! Crib ready to go up! Good day with Husband, Dad and Sister, all present and accounted for. My favorite type of day.

We went to dinner. A debacle ensued. Not to bore with too much commentary other than this: Dad wanted to try a place that I am not a fan of. He came to regret this suggestion an hour and half into our visit. Primarily because a server spilled Scampi butter all over Husband (shortly after he had already dumped a Coke on himself) and the VERY EXPENSIVE meal Husband and Dad both ordered were under cooked and required a trip back to the kitchen. All in all, two and a half hours later, well beyond my Sister's bed time and well beyond the point of exhaustion for all of us, we finally got to leave. A visit from the Manager and some much deserved crediting of our bill did soothe the frustration a wee bit.

The bigger problem of the evening was that my back started to hurt about 20 minutes into our seating. Fortunately, me being one with my body (and just having gone through this two weeks ago), I was well aware of what this little pain was about to do to my evening. Straight down hill from there. You see, when one kidney passes a stone, it is not unusual for the other kidney to have a similar storm a-brewin... sigh... by 11:30pm, we were on our way to the hospital again, with me in more agony than last time. And much like the last time... a few blocks from the hospital the pain ceased. Husband did not like my plan of turning around and going home, but I convinced him that there is nothing they can do. It was out of my kidney (the real pain) and they can't go in and get it out of my ureter/urethra/bladder until after Lord of the Dance on My Bladder has been evicted. So, he relented and we went home. The difference with this one is obvious to me. It is much bigger than the last one. It hurt more and it isn't passing out with my urine. It is lodged somewhere, but since it isn't backing up my urine entirely, I do get some relief each time I use the bathroom.

As it turns out, although there is no REAL admitted link between pregnancy and kidney stones, it is not as uncommon as one might think. It seems that Calcium supplements can cause stones. Not only is there Calcium in my everyday prenatal vitamin, but I, much like many women, take an ADDITIONAL Calcium supplement everyday to make up for my lack of dairy intake. Natural Calcium, not so much the cause of kidney stones, but supplements? Definitely a link.

I have had a terrific pregnancy. I really can't complain about much, but I can say that the kidney stones alone may make this last month more intolerable than it's meant to be. I can only hope that I won't get another. I've read of women getting as many as 4 during their pregnancy and having to have stents put in to hold up their various parts, just so urine can pass. No thank you very much.

So, Dear What to Expect When You're Expecting: You don't even mention this possibility. You're fired.


The Lady With Knives and Stones who would very much like to remove her entire vagina at this point.

P.S. I also learned this week that too much Pineapple can burn a whole in your tongue AND that Meconium is made up, in part, of ingested Lanugo and Vernix Caseosa. That's right, when baby starts losing this stuff in utero, preparing for birth, it doesn't just sit around floating in amniotic fluid, waiting to dispense from your body like normal waste... baby ingests it!! Reminds me of just how primal we really are. Underneath the opposable thumbs and the ability to speak and walk upright lies these vary basic instincts to ingest those things with which we have no other ways of disposing. Quite interesting to me. Enjoy your meal!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Underneath the opposable thumbs and the ability to speak and walk upright lies these vary basic instincts to ingest those things with which we have no other ways of disposing

That's a very anthrocentric remark. Have a bit more respect for your hairy cousins.

Lisa said...

My apologies Bananas, for intimating, even marginally, that the world revolves around my species and not just evolved from yours.

If only Mel Gibson had had the courtesy to acknowledge that Christianity evolved from Judaism during his "anti-semitic" rant, perhaps then he, too, could have found himself friends with the Gorilla Goldsteins of the Congo.