Monday, June 8, 2009

Husband Update

Husband had surgery on his spine a little over two weeks ago. Decompression and fusion of L4 and L5. The first few days were very rough for him, he had consistent agonizing pain that didn't seem to be touched by narcotics. Finally on Day 4 of the writhing, the day they were to discharge him, they gave him a shot of steroids to relieve some of the pain in his sciatic nerve. Apparently they had angered the fellow during surgery and the pain that couldn't be touched with Vicodin, Oxycodone and the overdose of Dilaudid suddenly disappeared. Awesome. For three days I felt like I was sitting at the death bed of a loved one and poof, all better. Well, as better as one can get after that surgery.

He is doing well, better than expected. he can walk long distances and is down to three Vicodin a day. He still has restrictions on lifting, bending and twisting, none of which he will be able to do until August 21 (not that I'm counting down or anything). He can grill, he can drive and we bought him the Gopher III over the weekend, so now I don't have to run out of my office and pick things up for him AND he can help put away Wee One's toys. He's getting to be pretty self sufficient, but can't really help with the baby or the house cleaning and, obviously, can't work until he's fully recovered.

To deal with the stresses of feeling like I'm going it alone, I made up with my friend the anti-depressant. We've come to an understanding: I will continue to put up with it's silly side effects and it will help me cope with the rage I feel every night. It's working for us. As to the stuff that needs to get done, I won't lie to you... if my house is clean when you come over, it's because I knew you were coming or someone else had pity on our son and didn't want to see him crawling through dust bunnies anymore. If my vehicle is in the driveway, it's because I managed to pay the bill the day before it got repossessed. And if I have electricity and gas service, it's only because I slipped a twenty to the tech who came out to turn it off. I'm barely keeping my shit together most days. But, my Husband is recovering BEAUTIFULLY and he quit smoking which ROCKS. I do not think now is a good time for me to give up my half a pack a day... the voices in my head have requested I not. So, for all of the naysayers mentioned in the previous post... I must stick my tongue out and blow a raspberry in your general vicinity. And, all things considered... life is good and wonderful!


La Fleur Balkanique said...

Yay! So glad to hear, Lisa! May hubbie's recovery continue like this until he is well and truly back on his feet. I wish him oodles of health and safety!

...And I reckon it takes quite a character to acknowledge the positive aspects in life during a period when things aren't exactly the greatest, so kudos to you. :)

Lisa said...

Yeah, positivity is not my strongest characteristic. It's a new thing I'm trying!! Thank you for your oodles :)