Friday, December 5, 2008

Here I Am, Once Again... (not torn into pieces just yet)

Somewhere in my foggy brain is the self-induced expectation that I can't create a new Post without spending HOURS compiling all of things I've wanted to say in the last 10 weeks 5 days.

I am now realizing that nothing is as I expect and so FUCK IT! Here I am. I would love to catch up on the wonderfulness of being a new Mommy and tell you how fucking perfect my son is... but I've decided, rather, to skip over some of that (only for now) in an effort to get back in to the habit of typing my happy ass off for reasons unrelated to my job.

I have returned to work. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home four days a week. Although I have been in the office 3 days this week. Hmmm... new math sucks.

More on the pity-party that is my financial situation another day. For now, it's Friday and I'm trying to keep things in perspective. I can do this one of two ways: Find the good and positive in things OR dwell on others misfortune so that my shit doesn't seem so bad.

I'm a cynic and, therefore, I choose to dwell.....tick....tock....hrumph. As I sit here trying to think of others misfortune with which to dwell upon, all that comes to mind is some of my own shit. UGH! Okay, let me try the good and positive point of view...I have my health. My family is safe and warm. My bedtime always comes. That's about it.

I watched last nights Barbara Walters special. I can't stand to listen to Michael Phelps speak, so I fast forwarded past that. Rush Limbaugh enjoys getting people all fired up, so I won't even entertain the idea of describing how much I loathe him. I wouldn't want to make him happy. Tom Cruise is trying to calm his crazy down... that's nice to see. I like to look at Miley Cyrus... I do. She's gorgeous. And funny to boot. Will Smith rocks. Tina Fey is spectacular. Sarah Palin was the best decision John McCain made in an effort to help Obama win. The actor in the new Nixon movie looked old as I fast forwarded past him. Thomas the pregnant man is pregnant again. Jesus! Let your body heal dude. (PS - As long as the baby is loved and cared for, I don't give a shit how she got here or what the internal workings of her father/birth mother are) And then... the man who makes me cry when he speaks. GOBAMA BABY! I forgot to record last weeks interview with him, but Babwa Wa-Wa's asked him if he thought people were expecting too much out of him. I am. And so are my friends.

I have discovered television on YouTube. I mean, I always knew I could find clips of programming and stand up comics and funny videos, but I just found out I can watch full episodes of stuff (in ten minute increments, of course). My most recent viewings: Intervention: Allison, Intervention: Emily and the E! True Hollywood Story of Home Improvement. Yeah, I'm random like that. So, if you have any programs to recommend, I'm all eyes.


KK said...

THANK FREAKIN JESUS! i had really waited enough. thanks for the update, and dont wait so long next time, k?

your biggest fan

Aemelia said...

good to see you back...I can't wait to see new baby pics!

can so relate to stresses of life -but that is for a different time!

Love, ME o_O

Dave Phillips: Senior Commercial Title Examiner said...


You're insane the membrane!!

I love your site.